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Union Locksmith Store Phoenix, AZ 602-282-1789If your vehicle’s lock goes out of order, you may rush to the dealer’s store, but before that get ready to pay a fortune for purchasing the new key or lock. In fact, such shops rob you of your hard-earned money and may not provide standard products. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to wait for weeks for them to respond to your request. Rather than getting worked up over all this, entrust the responsibility to us to rectify the defective locks.

Our automotive locksmiths have profound experience in repairing and installing new security systems. They are the best in delivering services in the entire nook and corner of Phoenix, AZ area. So, if you require auto locksmith service, look no further than Union Locksmith Store.

Why do you need a car lock and key specialist?

Top branded car locks operate through the use of modern technology. They are far ahead of home locks, in terms of sophistication. Only seasoned professionals can identify any defects with the vehicle security systems. A novice will never do justice to the role and instead of becoming a troubleshooter; the individual might end up making things worse.

Availing the help of experienced automotive locksmiths can free you from the worries as they are adept in handling the sophistication of the locks and keys used in cars. For instance, if you need a transponder key, professionals make sure that the new key doesn’t face any authentication issue when it is inserted in the ignition lock. Hence, hire specialists to do the job and get it completed without delay.


Car lockout? We can get you out

With so many talented automotive locksmiths in our team, it is just a matter of time before we pull you through the car lockout issue. Do not go into frenzy, when the door accidentally shuts down but ring us instantly to avail, round the clock help.

We make all type of car keys:

Union Locksmith Store has created a benchmark of its own by offering a diverse range of keys. So, whether it be laser or transponder key, we are equally proficient in creating the same.

Ignition repair:

Our automotive locksmiths not only fix ignition issues but they also replace ignition switch/cylinder if needed.

Lock upgrade:

Do you want a free evaluation of the current security system of your vehicle? Yes, we not only do that but also provide valuable tips for upgrades.

Trunk unlock:

Did you ever lock the trunk accidently and misplace the keys? If yes, then call us and get it opened, before the whole situation turns into a crisis.

Call 602-282-1789 to hire an automotive locksmith.