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Union Locksmith Store Phoenix, AZ 602-282-1789Not a day passes without enterprises and residents facing lockout issues in the Phoenix, AZ area. Either the door is jammed due to defective security systems or the locks go for a toss due to persistent usage. In such cases, entrepreneurs have to suffer huge losses due to loss of productive hours. All said and done, you can still escape the ordeal by availing our Lock & locksmith services that are second to none in terms of quality. Union Locksmith Store has created a brand of its own in the Phoenix, AZ area by providing similar services that are not only reliable, but customer-centric to the core.

How did we succeed?

Our Lock & locksmith services are driven by exceptionally talented human resources who have the wherewithal to operate in the most challenging environments with 100% efficiency. They can handle all types of locks systems ranging from rugged mechanical ones to sophisticated electronic safes. Since our arrival in the security industry, people in the Phoenix, AZ area can avail prompt, affordable and high quality service that was not possible in the past.

Apart from hiring the best of the best in the industry, Union Locksmith Store also stocks top-end locks with state of the art tools to repair and install the security devices at the fastest pace possible. Do don’t worry if you face a lockout - we arrive at the designated location and deliver Lock & locksmith services to alleviate your anxiety in quick time.

What we do?

24/7 Emergency locksmith

Instead of going through routine work from 9 to 5, our professionals aspire to become the number one locksmith services providers in the Phoenix, AZ area. So, whenever your lock stops working, give us a buzz. Due to persistent dedication, our professional service has become the single point of contact for Lock & locksmith services.

Automotive lock & locksmith:

Union Locksmith Store has created a mark of its own by repairing and also programming transponder keys belonging to different vehicle brands, apart from a host of other services

Home locksmith services:

Our lock and locksmith services enhance the cover of your homes by installing modern lock systems, rekeying locks, and other services

Business locksmith:

Our professionals not only troubleshoot the problem but also devise a long-term strategy to make the commercial premises impregnable to intrusion.

Security expertise:

The Union Locksmith Store has enormous experience in handling all kinds of security systems right from the simple locks and keys to magnetic locking devices. Call us in for security consultation today!