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Union Locksmith Store Phoenix, AZ 602-282-1789To err is human is a common saying, but is absolutely true in real life. Picture this; you are very careful in keeping the keys after locking the doors of your house and vehicles but what if they are misplaced? Amidst plenty of things to take care of, people tend to misplace their keys and end up with locked keys in car. Some of them are so busy in their work that keeping a track of a small thing like a key is not possible. In short, there can be so many reasons for possible lockouts, but you can get away from such situations by calling us as soon as possible. The sooner we hear from you, the better we will be able to serve you!

Make the right choice:

People who locked keys in car may panic and take the extreme decision of breaking the glass of the vehicle. If you are in the Phoenix, AZ area, it is a huge mistake because we are always available to dismantle the lock if required. Besides, breaking into your own car will only damage the doors and escalate the maintenance bill. Consult our locksmith technicians who are masters in dealing with vehicular locks, no matter what brand and make they are. Apart from displaying technical acumen, they arrive at the client’s site as soon as the call is made. In fact, the total time duration is not more than 20 minutes.

Retrieval VS new key creation:

When you’ve locked keys in car and call us, the first step towards recovering the keys is to open the door but a majority of locksmiths are incompetent and may cause damage to the vehicle. Worse, they might take this as an opportunity to overcharge you. In both situations, it is the client who is at the receiving end. So, instead of being confused and misguided by other locksmiths, trust Union Locksmith Store, as we are an epitome of reliability in resolving the issues of the clients.

Get new keys made on-the-spot:

According to our experts, new key creation should be used as the last resort, because not only the method is time consuming but also expensive. We therefore focus on opening the lock using non invasive methods to retrieve the locked keys in car. But if all other troubleshooting methods do not yield the desired results, we go ahead and create keys with exact specifications on the spot.

So, do not worry if you’ve locked keys in the car. Trust us and call us on 602-282-1789 ; we will get you moving within no time.